Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Caravan, Overlocking and Crochet and stuff

Toni had her follow up appointment after her operation at 7.30 this morning. It's all looking really good, and she will be able to go back to school tomorrow. She really could have gone back today, but anyway.....
I made some more Easter eggs today, these were rocky road ones. To make these I combined:
2 packs marshmallows - roughly pulled apart by hand
2 packs red rasberry lollies
1 cup coconut

I melted 3 blocks of milk chocolate, 

and then added the other ingredients, stirred it all up, and put into the molds to cool. This made 8 large eggs.

Then giftwrapped them ready to give as presents.

I also went through the caravan and checked all of the supplies, and made a grocery list for things to buy. I also went to my overlocking class and finished my table runner, I am really, really pleased with it.

My overlocker had a hissy fit at class, and would not work, I only got it back from being serviced last week, so I had to use one of the ones from the class, which was a bit stressful, as I didn't know my way around it to thread it etc. I actually had to get up at one stage and walk away from it, as the stress levels had built up to ridiculous anxiety levels, after that I was fine. I had my overlocker serviced through the sewing shop that I do my classes through, so they kept the overlocker there and they are going to get the technician to try and work out why it isn't working.

When I got home I crocheted one of these little whimisical flowers, I think it turned out lovely for my first effort. I will definitely make some more of these and dust with diamond dust etc, for my scrapbooking pages, I will post pictures when I do some, and I will post some instructions for making these a bit later.

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