Friday, November 7, 2014

My craft studio tour....

We finished the craft room earlier this year..well, the inside anyway. We still have to clad the outside to make it look all pretty, but establishing the business and work around the farm has taken precedence so far.So, finally, here is a tour of the finished inside product.

I saw this wall sign somewhere online, and I did an internet search, and found it for sale online from the UK. It adds a nice touch. I purchased the draftsmans chair from Officeworks, as the benches are quite high, so I needed a higher chair to reach the sewing machine.
 This corner keeps my KNK Maxx, which is a large version of a Cricut etc. Here is also my sticker maker, and some decorations, as well as my sorted scrapbooking photos.
 This is the repurposed cupboard from Mum and Dad's house. It keeps lots of my supplies and decorations.
 Beside that is where I keep my papers, as well as other scrapbooking supplies. In front of that is the pull out sofa bed lounge.
 A couple of display shelves to make the room look nice, and to display some of my nice goodies.

 I resprayed this old filing cabinet black, and I use it to "file" my fabrics. I haven't finished decorating the front yet, but I will get there. I think I may have to get another one, as I need more fabric storage!
 This is another display area, which is on top of the filing cabinet. Lots of pretty things to make me smile.
 This is another corner, this is on my sewing table, and has some of my dress form collection on it.
 This is some of the more practical areas of storage. I will gather a few more wall cupboards, as there is still more things I need to store, as some things are all put in together, and a little more organisation and separation would be ideal.
 We pulled the sofa bed pull out mechanism out of an old sofa bed I got for free, and Damian built me a box and put the mechanism in it, and I covered it in fabric, and made up a cushion for the top, so it can be used as seating during the day.
 My craft studio can then be used as a spare guest room when the sofa bed is pulled out. It is air conditioned as well, so great for summer.
 And last, but not least, this is the view I get from out the window. I really must spend more time up there, especially with Christmas just around the corner.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

I enjoy having guinea fowl, I like to keep them as they are great for letting you know if there is something different around, and for tick patrols and for deterring snakes.  They are quite difficult to determine male from female by just looking at them. Older males have bigger wattles and bigger helmets on the top of their heads, but when younger, are very difficult to tell the sex of. Other than by the noises they make. Females have a definite two syllable sound as per my video below.

Males have a different noise, like the videos below.

They can be quite noisy, but they don't go on like this all day, and as you can hear in the videos, our farm isn't exactly quiet anyway!

Our light sussex are about 6 weeks old now, and they are all growing quite well. They are an easy breed to tell the sex of quite early, as you can see below.