Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Projects completed at the sewing retreat

Well, the sewing retreat is over until March next year. I tried to mainly work on unfinished projects, but did a couple of new ones as well. We embroidered some lovely flowers to go on to these slippers, these were the group project for the retreat.  I made some extra flowers for Mum to put on her slippers, as she doesn't have her embroidery machine yet, and while I was doing those, Mum made my bag to store the slippers in. These will be ideal for our upcoming cruise.
I finished off these embroidered oven mitts, which have come up nicely. 
 I have finished my back on the farm quilt, just got to hand sew the binding on to the front, but othierwise it is all finished. I got lots of comments from the other sewers on the retreat, it will be hung on my wall in my craft room when I get my craft room back
 I also finished this bread roll warmer, this will be great for parties and get togethers.
 I finished the backpack I was working on as well, other than putting a big button and tassle over the clip
 This was a new project I completed over an afternoon, the "tepanyaki bag" which is part of the montly gift of the month club I receive each month, this received lots of lovely comments as well, and I will use this a lot.

So, great to get some of these out of the unfinished pile, still lots to go though...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still painting....yawn...but holiday here we come!

I am still over it..Kasey's room is finished, but I bought her a new bed with storage and I have been painting it white..I thought it would be a quick job....very wrong..the paint just isn't applying evenly no matter whether I spray it, roll it or brush it...I have put about 6 coats as well as the's not perfect, but I think it will do. I have also been painting her bedroom door as well as Toni's new robe back isn't coping too well with the painting..think I will be getting a painter in to finish the house as it is just putting too much of a strain on my very busy days...I don't feel like cooking, washing, cleaning or anything...however, we have booked a holiday for an 11 day cruise this month to the islands of Vanuatu....all the kids are staying just the 2 of us.....very excited...we both really need the grandparents will be up for some time with the grandkids while we are away....the 2 big kids are fine...shouldn't call them kids, they are both adults, but there will be days that grandma and grandad will need to help out when Uni and work duties call...yippee..can't wait...I am also going on a sewing retreat with mum this weekend, really looking forward to that as a big wedding to prep tomorrow for Friday...then off to the retreat after that is delivered...