Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Uniforms, sewing and jewellery classes.

I have tried to have a quieter day today. After dropping Kasey at school this morning, I went to the school uniform shop to purchase Kasey a new shirt, as 1 complete school outfit of hers has disappeared, and it is proving quite difficult keeping up with a weekly supply of uniforms with 1 uniform short. I purchased her a formal shirt, which she promptly told me this afternoon that she doesn't like and she is NOT going to wear it!!! That girl is such a drama queen! I would actually like to try and purchase some material and make my own uniforms, they are so expensive to buy, $28 for a shirt and $42 for a dress, I think for $50 worth of fabric I could probably make enough uniforms to last her through most of her primary schooling.  I will have to see if I can find any over the coming months. I then spent the rest of the day catching up on a few things on the computer, organising a few wedding quotes etc, and finalising a few details for a wedding coming up in a week and a half. Had to get dinner ready a bit earlier, as had my sewing class this evening. Currently our project is a double sided oriental style table runner. It took me quite a bit to understand the quilting pattern that was instructed to us, but finally worked it out, and plan to finish this off over the next few days or so. I have booked in for a jewellery class in the morning. I haven't done anything like this before, so I am looking forward to that. I will post pictures of my completed sewing and jewellery making projects when done. Once I get home, I will need to spend most of the afternoon in the office catching up on Diverse paperwork, as that is getting a bit on top of me. I also have a quote for a wedding at 4.30, the bride is coming here, so don't have to do too much preparation except ensure the house is relatively tidy, and I will probably put on a nice scented candle before hand so that the house smells nice. I will probably try and organise dinner a little earlier in the day as well so I am not running behind after I have finished my consult. BTW, I am still waiting on my quilt kit, I am going to have to chase them up, as it has been just on 3 weeks since it was posted, and mail from the US usually comes in about 10 days.....I am getting a little impatient.....

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