Monday, March 15, 2010

Christmas 2010 Planning

I have printed out part of my Xmas planning spreadsheet tonight, the part which has the things I need to start on within the next few weeks. I will keep this in my notebook, so I can refer to it, and write up entries in my diary a week at a glance, so that some of these can be incorporated in to my daily routine. This week I will see about enrolling in a jewellery making class, and keep an eye on the chillies that I am waiting on in the vegie garden, they are currently green, once red I will pick them to make some more chilli jam, as I have run out, and I absolutely love it. I will probably also start on designing my calender layout for the 2011 desk calenders. I think I might do some vintage photos instead of stamped pictures this year, will see how it pans out. There is no need for me to leave these until later in the year to make, I can start anytime and put them away, so I would prefer to do this. I am also going to look at setting up the spare room this week with my craft supplies and desk, so that I can have an area separate to the office for all of this, and so I can leave projects that I am working on so that I can come back to them, rather than packing it all up. I am also planning of perhaps painting the cupboard I got from Mum and Dad this week, I was looking at purple, but I may even go a shabby chic white yet....just not sure....hmmm....more thinking to do. I am currently quite awake, so I am catching up on reading some blogs while everyone is asleep.

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