Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chillies, Passionfruit and Overlocking

I picked a heap of chillies this morning from the vege garden, the plants were absolutely full of them, and 1 branch had snapped under the weight of the chillies. I wanted to leave them until they had gone red, but as the branch had snapped, I had to pick them earlier than I would have liked, so I guess it will be green chilli jam this time. I also picked these lovely passionfruit from our vine.

I went to my overlocking class last night. We are constructing a weaved table runner. I have finished the weaving part, and next week we will finish off the centre part, and construct the rest of the table runner. I am quite liking how it is all coming up. It is amazing what you can do with your overlocker besides everyday overlocking of edges.

I have also folded the huge growing pile of washing in the laundry, and it has all been put away...I have reclaimed the laundry! I had to also worm Max today, as he was showing signs of having worms rubbing his butt on the ground, he was NOT happy. I do worm him every 3 months, but he has obviously picked some up somewhere a bit earlier than normal. I have also finished off some paperwork for Diverse, and will have to do the wages as well. It's nearly time to pick up Kasey from school already, I don't know where the day has gone! I have flowers coming in the morning for a wedding for this Saturday, and have to take Toni to Redcliffe Friday morning for eye surgery. I usually have a scrapbooking crop every 2nd Friday night, and Mum has also said she is now coming down on Friday instead of Saturday. I also have my 2nd Bali bag sewing class this Saturday, as well as the wedding delivery. Sunday is the craft show I am going to go to with Ann....oh my am I going to do all of this....ok, big breath...1 step at a time.....what doesn't get done, doesn't get done, the most important things are Toni's surgery, and the wedding for my wedding client, everything else  can wait if need be.....all's good... :)

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