Saturday, March 27, 2010

Toni's Surgery

Toni has had her eye surgery today. It has all gone well. She got quite sick on the way home, but went to sleep reclined up on the lounge with her bucket beside her, and she is feeling much better now.

I have finished my wedding flowers for the wedding tomorrow, the bouquets have come up beautifully.

I have let Sam the rooster out again this afternoon, and while they are all out of the pen, I have shut the door and let the little chickens have a good scratch around in there, they are very relaxing to watch scratch around. I am currently making a couple of pizza bases in the breadmaker, we quite often have pizza on a Friday night, so I thought I would bring back the tradition. Then off to a scrapbooking crop. Mum should be here soon, so I had better make the bed up for her, I'm not sure whether she is going to come to the crop, or stay here with Damian and knit her rug.

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