Sunday, March 14, 2010


I had my monthly card class today. I really enjoy going to these, they are very relaxing, the card designs are always really lovely, and a really yummy lunch is always put on for us. It is a great "me time" day. Here are the cards we made today.

Tonight I will probably work on the last bouquet preservation I currently have here. I have to finish hardening the flowers ready for painting.  Hopefully I will be able to get this finished next week, so that gets them all out of the way for a little while. I have another wedding coming up in a fortnight, and then April seems pretty quiet for weddings, and then it starts to really busy up until November.
This afternoon I have unpacked and freezer packed all of the meat I bought yesterday on the way home from down the coast, at the Super Butcher at Yatala.  I got black angus grassfed eye fillet steaks, wagyu sausages, lamb roasts, lamb chops, chicken schnitzels, chicken rissoles, chicken kievs and heaps of dog bones. The steaks have ended up working out to be nearly half the price of the supermarkets, I really hope they are nice.  We are going to have some for dinner tonight, with some home cooked chips and salad or vegies - yum.
I am hoping it is fairly cool tomorrow, as I haven't had a chance to finish tidying up and refertilising the vegie garden yet, and I would really like to get this finished tomorrow, and plant up the garlic. The rest of the vegies I am happy to leave until the following weekend, once the garden has had a chance to soak up all the good from the compost and manure etc.
I think I really need a relax day, that might be on the cards for tomorrow, well after the vegie garden perhaps....:|

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