Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kolonga here we come.....

Today was busy packing the caravan for our trip to Kolonga for Easter. I did the grocery shopping in the morning, and spent the afternoon packing the caravan etc. I have made sure to pack a supply of scrapbooking supplies, as my girlfriend and I are going to do some over the break. I am also taking my knitting and crochet, a supply of craft mags, and my trace outs for my Back on the Farm quilt to cut out, so I will have plenty to do as well as relax.  It is always a lot of work packing for a trip away, even with the caravan, but it is worth it once we are there. I will post lots of photos when we get back.  We have friends staying at our place while we are away to look after things here for us.

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