Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Damian

It's Damian's 41st birthday today, Happy Birthday Damian! I spent the morning going down to Upper Coomera to pick up his present, I got him a set of canvas MSA seatcovers for his landcruiser, which he wanted, and he loves them. I then spent the afternoon running Michael around to get his 18+ card, and then taking Kasey to swimming lessons, it ended up being a very busy and stressful day. Toni got him a gift card, and Kasey made him a lovely card, she spend so much time on this, and Damian loved it. His parents came up to see him this afternoon, and we all went out to dinner at the Tavern. Dinner was lovely, except my steak wasn't the best, which is unusual, as the meat is always really nice there. I did let them know, and they were very gracious, and offered to do something to fix us up, but I declined, I just wanted them to be aware. Damian has enjoyed his day, which is the main thing.

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