Saturday, January 26, 2013

Its sooo wet

Ex tropical cyclone Oswald has certainly sent some major water our way, over 500 mls over the last couple of days! Damian is flooded in and stuck at Rockhampton, he tried to get home from Mackay for my birthday yesterday, but couln't get any further than Rocky. The water tanks and dam is full, and I have plenty of supplies to not have to go anywhere during this weather, and I doubt I can get out at the moment down our track as it would be too slippery. We've had strong winds as well, but nothing too bad, more annoying than anything else and it blows the water in to the shed area so we need to keep doors shut etc. The rain is great for the paddocks too. We  still have a lot of dirt (now mud) around the shed from the build, which does make things pretty yukky but the grass will eventually grow and then it won't be so bad during heavy rain. And the horse keeps insisting on walking over this section of ground churning it all up in the rain instead of staying on the remaining 150 odd acres...what is with that? :) I think we still have quite a bit more water on the way, so will see how much we end up with...
Photo: Still pouring