Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raspberry Ripple Bags

I made 2 of these bags yesterday.  It is a Melly and Me pattern, and is really, really easy. The pattern is very well written and very easy to follow.  I made 2, production line style, and I did piping on the pleats of each one, which probably added about 40 minutes each to each bag, so without the piping they could be made in a couple of hours from start to finish per bag. I can't see me ever buying a handbag again!

It's getting quite cool here at the moment, so I think I will go and fill up the firewood box, and light the fire for tonight.  I went and purchased my 500 litre chest freezer today, and it is being delivered on Monday.  After doing the calculations with how much power the current large fridge/freezer out in the shed in using, I have discovered it is using basically all of the power being generated by the solar panels! So the new freezer will only cost about $60 a year to run, which is about 1/5 the cost of the old fridge/freezer. I also went to Spotlight and purchased some Dupion silk, which was on special for just under $15 a metre, which was half price,  to make up the 2nd Swirling Roses quilt I am currently doing as a block of the month project. I will post some pics of this in a later post. I also have the climate smart people coming out on Monday, to wire up the wireless power monitor, and provide new bulbs and an enery report etc, so that will be an eye opener, look out, I will be the nazi power monitor very soon, turning off all the appliances as soon as someone leaves a room.  It will be nice to know which appliances are guzzling the power though, and try to improve on that so that we get the most value we can from our solar system.  Water tanks will be the next major purchase, so will start looking in to this soon, we are looking at concrete ones that can be put in the ground.


  1. Hi Deb lovely bags :) I love making bags :)
    Sherrie :)

  2. the bags look great! I'm off to get the pattern!