Friday, March 26, 2010

Just the girls for dinner and wedding prep

Kasey and I are on our own for dinner tonight, Damian is at a plumbing seminar and Toni has gone late night shopping with a girlfriend, so I think we will have something simple for dinner. Kasey is usually happy to have spaghetti on toast on easy dinner nights, she would have this every night if I let her. 
After that I will head back out to my shed to continue working on this weekends' wedding bouquets, after Kasey goes to bed. I am trying to get a head start on them as I will be out for the morning tomorrow, and as they have their natural stems on them I can start on them a little earlier as they will be in water once made. The bride is picking up some rose petals, gum and some extra roses in the afternoon, and then I just have to do the corsages and buttonhole flowers in the afternoon, and it will be ready to go out first thing Saturday morning. 
I have let Sam the rooster out for a little while late this afternoon, and he enjoyed having a scratch around, I let him out not long before their bedtime, so he would stay quite close to their pen, and would go to bed and not get lost.

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