Friday, May 23, 2014

Sometimes, life gets in the way

of keeping my blog updated. We have been extremely busy, firstly with school holidays, and then we have been relocating our business, and I am only now just starting to catch up. The rent for our business premises was quite high, so the opportunity to move a few hundred metres down the road came up, so the short term pain will be worth the long term gain we think. The rent is nearly 2/3rds cheaper in our new premises, and we have double the amount of space, we were getting quite cramped for room in the other place. So that is now out of the way, and while I have the office all setup now, Damian is still to get his tools and materials all unpacked and some new shelving built to store it all.We had great fun at the scrapbooking retreat last weekend, and the theme pirate night was a great laugh. We  haven't had any other calf arrivals, so I'm not sure how far off we are from any others at this stage, the Jersey was a couple of years older than the other heifers, so they may not have been quite ready when we got the bull. The jersey's calf is getting bigger, and she is starting to change colour a little, she has little brown stripes at the moment.

Grace is growing up so fast, she is 4 months old already. Such a cutie!
Hopefully, things will settle a little for a month or 2, and we can catch our breath and catch up on things we need to do around the farm.