Sunday, October 5, 2014

RIP Buttercup :(

Well a new day, and another curve ball thrown....I noticed yesterday afternoon that Buttercup didn't come up with the others for food, which I thought was unusual. This morning, she didn't come up either. I had a feeling something wasn't right, as she was the only one that hadn't come up. So Kasey and I went looking for her...and found her....very, very dead.  I have been away all week, and Damian hadn't noticed that she wasn't here, so we're not sure how long she has been missing. She looks to have been gone at least a few days. She was here before I left to go down to Brisbane.  I have no idea what has happened, as it's really hard to tell when there isn't much left. I was only saying to Damian yesterday afternoon that I would like for him to build me a milking shed so I can start to keep her around the house yard more and start feeding her up and start milking her soon... sigh....not much I can do about it....
Now that we are getting the water sorted here with the new bore, our next focus is on fencing. We need to start fencing off some paddocks, and fencing the animals away from being right next to the house better, and building some smaller yards etc, so that's the next important step for us. Then we will be able to focus on improving the pastures. I don't think I'll look at getting another milking cow until we do this.
 Rest in peace Buttercup


  1. Sorry Deb, how awful to find her like that. It could have been anything - three-day sickness, paralysis tick, snake bite, poisonous weeds etc. I find that its best to see the special animals once a day so you can keep an eye on them, but that is not always possible. And even then, if you can't work out what's wrong with them, there's not always anything you can do apart from give them food and water and hope they make it. I hope you do try again, dairy cows are very rewarding, but a lot of work, I call them my drama queens because there is always something they need. Hugs and really sorry about your cow.

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