Saturday, March 6, 2010

Drink Bottle Holder

I have finished Kasey's drink bottle holder.  This will stop her drink bottle from condensating on her desk at school and will also keep her water cooler.  I have made it to fit her aluminium drink bottle, as I prefer those over plastic drink bottles.  I have embroidered her name on the front.  I think she will be happy with it. I just made up the pattern for it, by using the drink bottle as a template, I drew a circle on the fabric, cut 2 of them, and cut 2 pcs of towel the same.  I then measured the circumference and height of the drink bottle, cut out 2 pcs of fabric and 2 pcs of towel to suit this. I laid the fabric right sides together, placed the towel on the top, sewed up the sides and the top, and turned it right side out so that the fabric was on the outside, and the towel pcs in the middle.  I then cut a strip of fabric and towel for the handle, and followed the same procedure for the main fabric, turned it out and attached it to the main fabric.  I also attached the embroidered label with a topstitch at this time.  I then pinned and sewed the round base on, then up the sides, turned it out the right way, and it was done.  It was a bit fiddly, because it was so thick with the towel and because I wasn't working with a pattern, but it has ended up a nice snug fit for the drink bottle, and Kasey loves it.

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