Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I have been for my ultrasound this morning, and I definitely have gallstones.  I have to wait for my doctor to get my results tomorrow to get the full picture, but the person doing the ultrasound has said I have a least 5 medium size stones, so will wait and see what - if anything - can be done about them. I have also been to the shops already this morning, and bought Toni's birthday present for her 17th birthday tomorrow.  Just looking at something else online at the moment, which I may add on to her gift for her. Have also topped up my fruit and veg, etc as the healthy stuff was starting to look a bit bare. I have also done a load of washing, and probably have a couple more to do to catch up on that. I have done some mowing this afternoon, but it is still very, very wet, so could only do some of the front area and the footpath, but looks heaps better anyway.  I am still waiting for my quilt kit to come from the USA, I was hoping it would be here today, so I could trace it out, as I have the first class on it tomorrow.  Might have to just go along and take notes tomorrow, while I am still waiting for the kit.  You never know, it may still turn up today, but I'm not holding my breath for it. This is the quilt I am going to be making, it's called "Back on the Farm" and I love it.

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