Saturday, March 20, 2010

Things I Like

I thought I would list some of the things I enjoy doing in my life. They may not appeal to all, but they are what makes my life happy.
Spending time with my family
Being at home - most of the time anyway
Opshop shopping (Toni gets very embarrased by this :)  )
Gardening and Vege Gardening
Watching the chooks - they are so funny to watch
Watching our dog Max climb the ladder to the cubby, then slide down the slide, or hop up on Kasey's trampoline by himself and bounce up and down on his back while he chews his tail, or dive and swim in the pool - he definitely does not know he is a dog!
Reading my magazines - I don't buy gossip ones, usually green living or crafty ones, especially after I have cleaned the house
Camping in the bush with our caravan - definitely not tents - I got over that idea years ago - we love our caravan, it makes us spend time with our kids and relax
Going to Bribie in the afternoon on the weekend for a BBQ - very, very relaxing - like a mini holiday
Reading blogs and interesting sites on the computer
Achieving my day's goals...
Being happy and feeling well :)

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