Friday, August 30, 2013

Kasey's pooh bear oops

I have a knack of tuning out on my kids, which can be a good thing, but sometimes it can lead to trouble.  While in Tasmania in January, I bought Kasey a purple lavender teddy bear which doubles as a heat pack. She has been heating up her bear the last few nights to take to bed with her. She came down last night and asked if she could put her bear in the microwave (along with some other mumblings)  and as I was busy looking at chooks online I casually said, sure, without looking up from what I was doing. About 40 seconds later  I was interrupted from my reading by kasey hysterically yelling " pooh bear is on fire!" on pulling pooh bear out of  the microwave, he was flames, kasey was crying hysterically and all I could do was laugh! After putting kasey to bed for the 4th time after her continually coming downstairs upset, she finally went off to sleep, and pooh bear underwent emergency surgery. I had to cut off all the crispy bits, his head was completely unattached from his body, and resew on his head. I couldn't save his shirt as it has big melt holes  in it.  His surgery was a success and he is now all better, he just has a shorter neck, but once I make him  a new shirt, it won't even be noticeable. I still giggle every time I think about it, kasey just frowns at me. :D

All fixed - just a little naked....
This will definitely be a story to retell on her 21st!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My Ear surgery experience

I have been a little quiet on the computer front of late as I went in for day surgery last Thursday to have the large hole in my right eardrum repaired. This involved taking a small graft and placing it behind my eardrum. They place a gel packing in first, then the graft...the gel packing holds the graft in place and eventually dissolves. My ear was then packed with heaps more dressings on the outer ear. I was pretty anxious before the surgery, so they gave me some Valium, which I now wish I didn't take as it made me so drowsy afterwards. I asked the anesthetist not to tell me when he was putting me to sleep, so I don't remember anything after being wheeled in to theatre. I was in a fair amount of pain in my ear after surgery, so they gave me some pain killers. My blood pressure was also really, really low, (78/47) so they kept me there for some time until it came back to normal. On getting home I felt quite sick and went straight to bed, clothes and all. Little Stella kept coming in and sleeping with me and stayed with me pretty much all the following day. They say they can sense when things aren't quite right and I believe she knew I was sick, as she's not usually that cuddly...sweet little thing. I was nauseous and had headaches all the next day as well, and Damian went up to my doctors and got a script for some stematil to try and ease it. I am still getting nauseous though off and on, so I will be glad when that stops. My ear isn't too bad, but gets a bit of a stabbing pain and a swooshing through the ear as well. I am hoping I will be feeling much better tomorrow. Day 3 - 5, still quite nauseous and headachey, I haven't been eating much at all. Damian went back up to the farm on Sunday, I was going to follow him up, but I just didn't feel up to the 4 hour drive so I stayed in Brisbane for an extra day. Kasey and I headed back up to the farm on Monday. My ear has been achey, but not agonising, just achey. Strong pain tablets every 4-6 hours keeps the pain manageable. I returned to work today, finishing up the office setup and running a couple of errands for Damian. I have to keep the dressing on the ear for 3-4 weeks, and then I will return to the specialist mid Sep to get the dressing removed and ensure that everything has been a success. This is my ear after the surgery, (a little graphic, sorry)  it has been dressed with a top dressing and covered completely in a plasticky film to keep any moisture out. This has to stay in place for the entire 3-4 weeks. My ear is getting quite itchy right down near the eardrum, but I can't scratch it.....arghhhh....very frustrating..
I am hoping that is the worst of it over for now, unless something happens with the surgery not taking...crossing my fingers all is well.