Friday, September 19, 2014

Stone the flamin' crows...

We have been losing all of our eggs lately, every last single one of them! We haven't been able to pinpoint what has been taking them, so we installed a hidden surveillance camera in the chook pen which takes motion sensored pictures. It took a few days, and I thought the problem had gone away as no eggs were being taken, and then all of a sudden, they were all gone again, this time with photographic evidence...

Darn crow !! I'm not too sure how we are going to fix it, we've never had a crow taking our eggs in the 20 odd years that we have had chooks...I think Damian might have to get handy and build some rollaway egg laying boxes so that the crow can't get to the day soonish we may build our proper chook pen as this one was always meant to be temporary...hmpff...we've also lost 2 chickens over the last few weeks, we lost our little polish girl a few weeks ago, and in the last few days our araucana has disappeared as well, both of them have just feathers, no anything....another's getting to the point of keeping them locked up all the time...
It's the start of school holidays tomorrow, Kasey is off to a horse riding camp for a week, and Damian and I are heading away for a couple of days for our 25th anniversary...yikes....25 has the time gone??


  1. Glad you have caught the thief with evidence. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. Deb we had the same issue and to fix the problem all we did was turn the nest boxes around so they were facing the wall. We leave just enough room for the chickens to get behind them and since doing this we have not lost any eggs.

  3. Crows will take chickens, they are horrible birds. Damn cheeky going into the shed like that but if that is where the food is. We have a small opening on our chook house but I still worry about the crows getting in as they are very clever. Rollaways might be the way to go as I don't know how you will stop them once they know...unless you shoot them but you're not allowed to do that.