Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mini Watermelon & Sweet Corn

I have picked the last solitary mini watermelon from the vegie garden this afternoon. I like the mini ones, as they are not too big to store once cut. This one has been up in the garden for a while, and I should have picked it quite a while ago. It is not quite as sweet as normal, I think because I had left it, but it's still nice, and I have saved the seeds to plant later in the year to have a new crop for summer!

I have also planted up about 45 sweet corn in the vegie garden this afternoon, hopefully we will get a successful crop before it gets too cold and I will blanch and freeze some for winter.... I let the little chicks out with the big chooks in the pen while I was up there keeping an eye on things this afternoon, the big chooks seemed fine with them, but I will still wait longer before I put them in with them during the day. The larger frizzle has flown out of their protected area a few times during the day while I have not been up there, and she seems fine, none of the bigs chooks have harmed her at all, so I think it will all be ok...we're having rissoles and vegies for dinner tonight, about to go and cook the rissoles now...after that I am going to knit a few rows on my dishcloth, as I need to increase my supply of these so I can change them over more often, as they do tend to get a bit yucky, so I would like to change them over every couple of days..

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