Monday, March 15, 2010

Sweet Potatoes Galore!

I have been up at the vegie garden this afternoon, doing some more tidying up, fertilising and digging the soil over. I have cleaned up the pumpkin crop, and scaled that back down to a much smaller size. It still has about 8 or so pumpkins that are maturing quite nicely, so I am going to keep the existing vine, and see how it goes. I had 3 small ones that had rotted off the vine because of all the wet weather, but while they are small they still look quite ok, and also picked a very large one. I managed to get all of the garden fertilised and 1 side dug over. While digging this side over, I also scaled back the sweet potato crop, and picked 32 sweet potatoes from just a small portion of the newest area - there are absolutely heaps, and to think what is also in the older area, I think we have plenty to last us quite a while. I used 1 to make sweet potato chips with dinner tonight, and they were yum.

Today, I also did a quick tidy up of the house, and vacuumed the floor - with Kasey's help, she did a little vacuum and packed it up for me. I also did the washing, and then dropped Kasey off at her friend's house for a couple of hours of playtime. During this time I went to Aldi and grabbed a few things, and worked on a bouquet preservation, hardening the Gerberas. This has been quite time consuming, so will probably charge more for the next Gerbera preservation that I do.
Tomorrow, I have an appointment at the wellness clinic to have another scan and start to come off some of the vitamins and supplements. I have been following a strict high protein, low carb and sugar diet for 2 months now, and have so far lost 7.5 kilos. The aim of the diet is for health reasons, the weight loss has been an added benefit. I will probably stick to this for another month or so yet. In the afternoon, I have my appointment with the surgeon about my gall bladder, so tomorrow will no doubt fly by as usual.

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