Monday, March 22, 2010

Silkies at last

Well, today I finally purchased some silkies. I bought a lovely little rooster, and a white silkie and a brown frizzle. I went up to the markets and they cost me $12 for the 3 of them. Damian has constructed a little area up at the chook pen this morning for the little ones to go in until they are big enough to go in with the big girls.The rooster has been put straight in with the girls, but they have given him a bit of a hard time, so we have let them out to free range all day instead of just the afternoon, so they can give him some peace.  Hopefully they will all settle within a couple of days, and after about a week or so, I will let him come out when the bigger girls go out. They are soooo gorgeous. Kasey has been told she needs to handle them lots, so that as they grow up they are lovely little pets. I haven't bought them for egg production as such, but more as pets as they will be quieter for Kasey to handle than the other girls are. I will bring the little ones inside for a couple of nights...I feel a bit bad just leaving them out on their own at night while they are so little. I am also going to put the rooster in their little area at night for the time being while the little ones are out, so the girls can get a bit used to him without giving him a hard time, I'm not sure if I can put the chicks in with him during the day, he seems very gentle, but would hate for him to kill the little ones...

I have also planted up the garlic, as well as some cabbage, broccoli, silverbeet and a couple of capsicum in the vege garden.

I am quite tired this afternoon, so I am thinking I may go and lie on the lounge for a little while before thinking about what to have for dinner tonight... :)

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