Thursday, March 18, 2010

First jewellery class

I went to my first ever jewellery class this morning. I made a necklace, bracelet and earring set. I wanted to do it in the purples, silver and crystal colours. I think it's come up quite nice, and it has now given me a bit of a foundation for some other things. I will go back and do another class next Tuesday morning, and I want to make a drop style pendant, suitable for formals, weddings etc. I quite enjoyed the class, but my fingers probably need to toughen up a little bit, as there is a bit of prodding and pushing involved, I think if you did too many beads with a heavier gauge wire, the fingers could get quite sore. Here goes yet another magazine genre to start reading.....beading and jewellery!!!

Tonight I have spent catching up on Diverse paperwork, that is now looking much more under control, so I can start tomorrow not having that hanging over my head. Tomorrow I actually have nothing in my diary, hooray, but I will probably finish the colouring on a bouquet preservation, so it is ready for framing this weekend and do a wedding quote, pay a couple of personal bills, and have a hopefully quiet sort of day...that will be nice.......

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