Friday, March 19, 2010

My Kitchen

This is my kitchen. It is just on 18 years old, we have been in this house since we built it back in 92, and I still love my kitchen. It is the hub of the house, as is most peoples. The only thing we have changed is we have put in a dishwasher, we removed 2 cupboards to do this, which left us with a little nook between the dishwasher and the next cupboard, which is a perfect spot for jars etc., and we have put in a new ceramic cooktop. The oven is still the same, we replaced the fan in that about 18 months ago, and the rangehood is still the original. The wide benchtop is brilliant.

 My knitted dishcloth is hanging over my tap :) I have to knit some more. I picked up some lovely cotton from an opshop I think they were something like 50c ball, and I get 2 or so per ball of wool. I like this waffle weave pattern the best. My home journal is on the bench, this has phone numbers, menus, school notes etc etc in it. Damian made my phone cupboard, the drawer holds pens etc. In the corner next to the dish drainer is the recipe book holder Ann made for me for my birthday. I use this a lot. My chook scraps bucket is next to the sink, and is used everyday. When the girls see me walking up the yard with this in the afternoon, they all come running!! I have a country wall hanging next to the phone, I picked this up from a garage sale for $2, and under that is my handmade wall/desk calender. This gets used a lot also. I don't like my home to be cluttered, but I do like a few favourites here and there. I will be purchasing some new stools for the breakfast bar shortly, as Damian made some but over the years they have slowly but surely broken, and he doesn't want to make them this time, I have my eye on some no back bali style ones, so I think these will be an added addition to our home soon. :)

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