Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sewing, Shopping and Chickens

My quilt kit has finally arrived this morning, hooray... I can make a start on that now. This morning was quite busy, after dropping Kasey to school, I went and grabbed a couple of things from Aldi, and I purchased a bulk pack of chicken breasts, and they are currently roasting in the oven, I will then shred them up for lunches, as it is too expensive buying BBQ chickens all the time, as they only do a couple of days worth of lunches, and there is so much waste with the rest of the chicken. I have also put on beef stroganoff in the slow cooker for dinner. Our new rooster - I think his name will be Sam - has been crowing away madly this morning. It is so cute, as he's not very loud, I hope I still feel that way in a few weeks! I put the little ones back up in their protected area this morning, and they are scratching around having a ball, and Sam is back in with the girls, so far so good, they haven't been harassing him, so I hope it stays that way. I am now going to go and do a bit of sewing, Toni wants me to take the hem up on her school uniform, and I have to work on the Bali Bag squares from Saturday.... I will also make a batch of meusli bars today, I am going to use a different recipe and see how these ones turn out. Busy, busy, busy......

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