Friday, March 5, 2010

The beginning.....

I have decided that I will start to keep a blog about my life, as a keepsake for the future, of my daily life - an electronic diary if you will. I am hoping this will encourage me to be where I want to be, and to achieve the things each day that I would like to achieve. I will be using this blog to publish what I do each day, what is happening in my life and my family's life, to journal thoughts, things that I make, my home, garden, vege garden and harvests, special events and my journey to leading a fulfilled, happy life, that does not evolve around material possessions, but around living life to the full and making family and friends and the pursuit of enjoyable activities the main priority in my life.

I will probably have quite a few posts initially, logging some of the things that I have done or made recently, that I feel will be a useful addition to this blog.

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