Monday, March 29, 2010

Sewing, Scrapbooking, Craft and a busy weekend

I have had a very busy weekend.

Friday afternoon Mum arrived, and promptly got bogged in the front yard as everything is still pretty wet in some areas here. Damian had to pull her out, lucky we have a 4WD! Damian then washed Mum's car for her, as there was mud all over it - he can be very nice to his Mother in Law when he wants to be. We chatted for a while, and had yummy home made pizza for dinner. After that Mum did some knitting, while I went to a scrapbooking crop. These are the pages I made:

Saturday I went to my sewing class and finished the Bali Bag. I am very proud of this creation. It took a lot of work though, so I am not sure if I will make another one or not, but I absolutely love it, and it is so big.
At lunchtime, I came home and packed up the wedding flowers, and delivered them to Sharon. I then returned to class to finish the bag.
We ran out of time at class, so I finished off the final bit of sewing at home.
This is the bag:-

It has lots of lovely pockets inside for keeping my bits and pieces:-

Saturday afternoon Michael came around with a friend of his who is a bricklayer, and he is going to come around after Easter and brick up the pool pump house, outside bathroom for us, so that Damian can re-start this project. After he left it was time to lock up the chooks, and I had the door of the chook pen shut while I let the little chicks have a run around in there by themselves, but I couldn't find Sam the Rooster. It was getting close to dark, and I searched for him until it was just on dark, and then got the torch and searched for him some more. I must have searched for about 1/2 hour but he was nowhere to be seen. I thought that he would probably be perched in a tree somewhere or in the garden where I could not see him. On my way back inside, something told me to look in the office under my desk, and there he was! He was quite happy in there on the carpet, quite comfy, so I picked him up and put him back up with the girls. He hasn't worked out how to come back down the runners from inside the chookpen yet, so I had to pursuade him out with a little push on the bottom so he would go down.

Sunday I attended the craft show, and picked up a couple of patterns, some lace, and some absolutely gorgeous lace flowers, Ann and I went halves in these.

 This pattern book has quite a few different patterns in it, as well as a few Melly & Me patterns, they are really lovely.

 This is the stash I purchased

I love this pincusion pattern, it is a very large pincushion, probably about 20cm diameter, with gorgeous hand stitching around the outside.

 These are the lace flowers Ann and I bought, they are absolutely gorgeous, the photos really don't do them justice, they had such a wide array of colours, but it was too expensive to buy too many, I am planning to incorporate each single flower into some of my scrapbooking pages.

We also attended a tutorial on how to crochet thai crocheted flowers, which was good fun as I haven't crocheted for years, and I found it very relaxing.

I also picked up some scissors, a needle threader and a tape measure which I can keep around my neck as it has a lanyard attached.

When I got home I had to tidy the house as my family don't seem to know how to put anything away....grrr....and we had left over chinese for tea, with some spring rolls and dim sims.

Tomorrow is the Husqvarna demo day at the sewing centre, so we get to go and learn about all the different feet that come with the machine, and some extras, and learn what they all do, and what we can achieve with them. Tuesday and Wednesday I will need to catch up on paperwork, and pay accounts etc, and pack the caravan for our Easter trip to Gin Gin.

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