Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Watching the chickens and vege garden spreadsheet

I took Kasey to gymnastics this morning, they had a 2 hour session, and she really enjoyed it. She started to learn about tumbling and doing handstands etc, and they did a little bit on the low balance beam etc. The afternoon class was cancelled as they didn't have enough people, which really surprises me being school holidays, so instead of a refund I said she could go to the 3 x 1 hour blocks Wed, Thu and Friday instead. It means no sleep ins for me this week, but oh well, I do prefer to be up a bit earlier...though it doesn't feel that way when I'm still snuggled under the doona! Toni is feeling a bit better today, she has been trying not to dwell on things, and she had a huge sleep in and seems to be over the initial shock of everything... I spent a little time just pottering around the vege garden in the afternoon, not doing much, just enjoying being up there, and sat for a little while watching the chooks while they were scratching about...Sam is doing the rooster thing with the girls....he is a bit unco though, because he's a fat little ball of fluff, he falls off half the time..hehehehe....and he took one look at big Bertha and she just went "No way"...and took off a million miles an hour..it was very funny. Big Bertha is the matriach of the chook pen...she is absolutely huge and no-one pushes her around...  it seems like I have had her for years and years...she would have to be at least 10, and she shows no signs of not being around for another 10....
I started on my vege garden spreadsheet today. I have 1 page for the planting side of things..how much I planted on what dates, harvest times, replanting schedules for continued supply etc, 1 page for the harvest records, and 1 page keeping track of the costs..it's a work in progress but getting there.

3 eggs today, 6 passionfruit and 1 x 2.5kg pumpkin.


  1. Oh Wow! you are so organised with the spreadsheet. I keep a rough record in a notebook and had not thought about a spreadsheet....might have to think about it when I move.

  2. How cool - I love spreadsheets. Although we still aren't planting a garden we did plant 4 herbs and some flowers.. I think I'll try this just to have a record of what happens :)
    Someday maybe we'll get to the real stuff..vegetables and fruit.