Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Solar, Library and Sewing

We had the energex people come out today and hook up our solar meter in the meter box, so we are now officially making power....yippee.....also got the power bill in the letterbox.... :(
I don't know how much difference the solar system will make in the grand scheme of things, but hopefully it will cut our bill down by about a third.....that would be good. We have plans on adding more panels as we can afford it, and possibly a larger inverter, so we can add even more panels. It would be fantastic to eventually get to a point where we are generating enough power to cover what we use, but I don't think that is a possibility at this point in time with kids, a pool and an inside fridge, an outside fridge/freezer for bulk goods, a bar fridge and a flower fridge (even though this is only turned on when I have a wedding to do)
I am feeling much better today, I have only had to take 2 lots of painkillers today for headaches, and the sniffles seemed to have cleared up.
I dropped Damian back at the airport this morning, after this I called in to Spotlight and picked up a zip to continue on with the MAKE sew along project, and a new jeans zipper for a pair of jeans that the zip keeps coming down on. After this I went up to the library, I haven't been in ages, and I picked up a few goodies:

I am really looking forward to the "how to crochet" book. I can crochet, but I only know the very basics, and am really wanting to learn all of the stitches that I can do, and be able to construct more than a crocheted flower! It has lots of projects in it to work through as well, so that should be fun. I am going to try and do some sewing shortly, and work on the MAKE project, depends how I feel though, I am pretty tired right now, but I am keen to do some more on it. I have a demonstration to go to tomorrow afternoon at the sewing centre, they are telling us all about some dressmaking courses, so I am looking forward to that. I also have to take Kasey to the doctor, she has a sore on her arm that doesn't seem to want to heal, so I am going to go and see what that is, and get her 2nd swine flu needle. So, it will be another busy day tomorrow.

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