Monday, June 14, 2010

Baking Day

Today I have tried to catch up on some baking. It seems like months since I have spent a day baking, other than the odd cake here or there, which have been few and far between, I just haven't been getting around to baking. I have dropped back into some bad habits of buying biscuits, chips my time has been a bit limited and time seems so busy and the days go so fast. It is hard sometimes to stay motivated with baking when it isn't appreciated a lot. Damian isn't a big one for home baking, and Toni will eat it, but not that much, and trying to get Kasey to take home baking in her lunches is a hard fought battle.  She is only in grade 1, but already there seems to be such a large emphasis placed on taking packaged items to school and of taking the same thing as what the other kids take. Kasey doesn't take purchased muesli bars, and never has, but I have been a bit slack and have been giving her packaged biscuits and the like on more occasions than I would have liked. I am trying to get back in to a routine and also encourage Kasey to take more home baking to school. She does understand that home baking is much better for her than shop bought, but it is difficult for me to stay on target when I give her home made yoghurt, or home made yogos, homemade banana cake, pikelets, choc chip biscuits, choc chip muffins etc, but most of the time they come home because she is too embarrased to eat home cooking at school. It would be great if home cooked food was more the norm in childrens lunchboxes than store bought food, it's cheaper, more nutritious, and we know what gets put in it..... Tomorrow her school is having a no packaging lunch box day, and will have no bins other than compost bins in the grounds, which is a really good start. Kasey takes a no litter lunch anyway, as I put everything into containers, so it is no effort for me to do this....great to see them taking this initiative though. Anyway, today has been a huge baking day. I have managed to make the following:

2 Banana Cakes

Meusli Bars with Choc Tops

Caramel Slice made with home made condensed milk of course...

Moist Fruit Cake

And for dinner, garlic prawns....very yum...

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