Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The best laid plans....

I got up early this morning. I had sewing class today and wanted to get nice and organised first up so I could have time for a cuppa before leaving, and wanted to catch up on emails etc. Well...things didn't go quite according to plan...after waking Toni up..(this took quite some time!) I ironed Kasey's uniform and made her lunch, then woke her up and got her dressed etc. While in the kitchen about to make some breakfast all of the chooks appeared at the back door, which made it obvious that Max had gone up and broken in to the pen, and left a big hole for them to get out. So I donned the gum boots and went up to put them away, only to find the black chicken out and sitting on the ground..Max had knocked her over again!! She is the only one he goes near, and I think because she sits as soon as he goes near her, she is an easy target. She is fine though, I picked her up and put her away, and didn't let her out this afternoon when the others were out. I will give her a few days to fully recover before letting her out again. So, anyway, I grabbed some corrugated iron and set about repairing the door, but the piece was too large for where I needed it to be, so I put it in front of the door and put the big feed bin in front of this to keep Max out while I was out today. Kasey came down while I was doing this, and because I mowed a couple of days ago, and the grass was wet, she ended up with big clumps of wet chopped up grass on her shoes, which she promptly walked through the house, including the carpet. So after fixing the chook pen, I needed to vacuum the house again....and in between this Toni decided to have a bit of a meltdown about me insisting she take her proper bag to school which was insisted upon by the much for a rush free, relaxed morning!  Lucky I got up early, or I would have been running very late. Michael came around this afternoon and cut the corro to size and screwed it to the chookhouse door for me. So this should keep Max out now, unless he finds another spot to push through. I want to go around the bottom of the chook pen all the way around with corro about a foot high to stop him or anything else from breaking in. Tonight I have been working on a silk wedding that I need to finish this month. I have sewing club tomorrow, we are making a clutch purse, so I am going to make this for Toni as her formal is coming up next month. I am going to make it out of silver satin, as she wants to wear silver shoes and accessories. I'm heading off the bed shortly, I have been having a few late nights, and need to catch up on my sleep so I can continue on the with the early mornings, hopefully less hectic than the one this morning!!

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