Sunday, June 6, 2010

Vege garden replanting....

Today has been very busy. I went to the markets this morning...didn't go too early though, as I didn't get out of bed until about 8.30.  I picked up some vege seedlings, and some mushrooms, and found a lady clearing out a heap of craft magazines for 20c each, so bought quite a few of those as I like/need to read once I go to bed, as it relaxes me so I am able to go off to sleep. If I don't read  I have a very restless night. I am so pleased after suffering for about the last 6  - 7 years with serious insomnia that I am now finally able to get a good night's sleep after my naturopath detected a large strep infection in my gut. Once I started on the antibiotics for that, I have slept soundly....amazing huh....Kasey came with me to the markets, and for once was actually pleasant to take...she usually has enough after about 10 minutes, and wants everything she sees, but I think she might actually be starting to get to the age where she can actually come shopping and I can come home in as good a mood as what I left home in! I did let her have a go on the jumping castle once I got the few things I needed to get, and also got her a Dr Suess book that she didn't already have.
On the way home we called in to Toni's work, and had some morning tea as she was in cafe, and then went to Aldi and picked up a few groceries. Got home and unpacked those, then waited for the man to come with the load of fire wood I had ordered. It was a good sized load, but so it should have been for the cost. I would really love it if we could collect our timber during the year to dry out for winter, to save us buying any...I think Damian is slowly getting more organised with this, but we have still only had enough to last us about a month, before we had to buy this load in.After that I finished the rest of the mowing that I started yesterday, so all the mowing is done, and hopefully it won't need to be redone now until after winter. After that I went out had planted up some seedlings in the vege garden. Today I have planted:
12 snow peas
6 beetroot
6 silverbeet
2 squash
6 roma tomato
4 heirloom tomato
4 fancy green lettuce
4 english spinach
4 zucchini
12 broccoli
I think that's everything that was planted today. Hopefully they all take ok. I now have a roast lamb and vegies cooking away in the oven, which should be ready in about 1/2 hour. I should have enough leftovers to make a shephards pie for dinner tomorrow night.,,,hopefully...
I got some seed potatoes yesterday when I went to the produce to get Max's dog food, so hopefully I will get them planted tomorrow some time.
I am going to try and have a look at a few gardening blogs over the next day or so for some more inspiration, and re-read alot of my warm earth mags to try and do up a gardening diary, so I know what things to plant at what time of year, based on their harvest and growing times.  This will probably take a while to get done up, but should be well worth it once done.  I thought I would use one of my A5 notebooks and make up a groovy gardening based cover for it, otherwise I will do the same but with a larger ring binder or display folder...just need to think about which one would be more useful.  I find that the planning side of the vege garden is the hardest part for know, what is ready when and how much I need to plant, so putting it all in writing in some sort of logical order would be good

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