Thursday, June 3, 2010

Part 1 Make a Bag sew along project

Well the last couple of days has been busy as usual. Yesterday I went to sewing class, and started on the sleepover bag. I have a bit of homework to do before the next class, so that we can all finish it at the next class. Last night I worked on part 1 - week 1, of the MAKE a bag sew along project. These are the results so far - half finished, I imagine next week will be the lining and handles. I am pleased with how it is coming up.

Today has been catching up on bookwork etc, I still have probably another day in the office to catch up with this again, so no sewing tonight or tomorrow. I was going to spend tomorrow outside in the yard, mowing etc, but that will need to wait until Saturday unless I am really, really speedy tonght....can't see that happening though, there is a fair bit of paperwork to do.

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