Thursday, June 24, 2010

Completed Sewing Projects

I have finished a few sewing projects in the last couple of days...

The sleepover bag:

I really like how the sleepover bag has come up. I will definitely be using this alot.

MAKE a bag and cosmetic purse

Clutch bag for Toni's formal

I don't think Toni likes it...I have said she doesn't have to use it if she would rather have something else...

Today I have sowed in seed raising mix the following:
9 mixed lettuce
9 mini cabbage
9 Pak Choi
9 Broccoli
9 Leeks
9 Silverbeet

Hopefully I will have more luck with these than I did the last time I sowed some seeds.


  1. Those bags are absolutely beautiful. The silver one looks like something you'd pay mega$$$ for in the shops. Do you sell them on Etsy or elsewhere?

  2. Thanks Daharja, that is very nice of you....I haven't looked at selling them...maybe some time in the future if I get more time... :)