Friday, April 9, 2010

A bit of room organisation...

Yesterday morning I went to an overlocker inspiration session at the sewing centre, they had a husqvarna rep there showing us all the different ways you can use your overlocker and the different feet you can use, I didn't realise how much extra you can do with the overlocker other than neatening edges, it was quite worthwhile, even though the focus did seem to be on that particular overlocker and a bit of a sales pitch, but if I can transfer the information to my overlocker and play with the settings a bit, then I should get quite a bit out of it. I caught up on a bit of paperwork last night, and finished another bouquet preservation, so that is now ready to go to the framer.

Today I have had a sleep in, thought I would take advantage of school holidays....I am in such a positive mood today, I think it's because I haven't really got too much on this week, and I have time to breathe...

Today I would like to give the office a bit of a cleanup and transfer some of my craft things into the spare room and tidy that up a bit, with Damian and I both working out of our office now, it really seems very cramped in here, and has become a bit frustrating, so I am going to see if I can sort it out a bit. I also have some more washing to catch up on....I had piles of it after our time away...but should get through it today, and I want to get all the sheets washed as well. I have also made a start on my recipe blog, I have been collecting recipes over the years and have been keeping them in a word document, and I made a start on trying to index it all out, but it will take me months, and as I keep adding to it, it alters all the page numbers and index etc....arghhh...just too I thought I would keep a separate blog for this, and add all of my recipes into that and use separate labels to index them. I would like to eventually do it up into a recipe book for my children to have with their favourite recipes. I have only put 1 recipe in there so far, but will add to it over the next few months so that it becomes quite comprehensive.

I have to remember to ring my sister Kerrie, it's her birthday today.  Okay, off to do some organising. :)

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