Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Family Table - my new cookbook

 I purchased Julie Goodwin's cookbook "Our family table" today, and I was lucky enough to meet Julie and have it signed by the good lady herself!  I have also purchased a copy for my Mum and Mum in Law, which I had signed for them for Mothers Day. This is a lovely cookbook, and just by the design of it, and the recipes included in it, it will become a treasured keepsake in my kitchen, and to eventually hand down.  I must say the kids will be very lucky to get this from me!!  Julie is a lovely lady, very obliging and she has a beautiful smile for everyone she meets.

I have to go and get my hair cut and styled....I'm getting desperate. Usually, Jessica (my niece) cuts my hair for me, but she had her first bub a couple of months ago, and I haven't wanted to harass her to cut my hair while she has been settling in, so I have to find a new hairdresser for a little while. I spent the day at home yesterday, I caught up on paperwork on Tuesday and tidied up the office (finally) and caught up on the bank recs and BAS etc, so I am now finally up to date! So yesterday, I worked on the many (growing) unfinished sewing projects. I finished off the piecing on the patchwork for tomorrow

I am really impressed with the frilly cushion I am working on from this months sewing club. The sewing club is mainly about learning techniques, not necessarily about the project itself. I only really like to make things that will have a practical purpose in my home, or that will fit in with my decorating style, or that I can use for a gift. If it has no use, then I don't make it. This cushion is not something I would normally choose to make, but it is really turning out nicely, and the techniques are really great. This has been my first attempt at doing piping, and using the piping foot etc on any sewing machine, and considering I have never been shown what to do, I think the piping has turned out fantastically. 

I went to the sneak peek day at the sewing centre today, and then we had a demonstration by a lady named Betty Johnston. She is a local craft lady who gave us the story behind her designing a beautiful Australian animal quilt and subsequent childrens book titled "Mrs Echidna's Dilemma".  She was a lovely lady, and her story was sooo interesting. The work she has put into this quilt is absolutely amazing, and all of it, and I mean ALL of it is completely hand sewn. The detail in it is absolutely amazing, and the book she has written and published is absolutely gorgeous. I have ordered one for Kasey, which I will get signed, and this will hopefully become a treasured family heirloom, to be handed down to future generations. The link to this lady is here Her story is absolutely fascinating, and she is a great storyteller in person as well! The pages in the book are all photos of each individual quilt block she has made, and it is just beautiful. I certainly would not have the patience to do all of this, but she says she used to sit on a train for and hour and a half each day, and this is the time she used to do the blocks. Each page is in 2 parts, the colourful part for the story to read to the children, and the other page is the story of each of the characters in the book, and the story of that particular animal. It is well worth buying.

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