Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend wrap up

I've had a busy weekend....I got up early on Saturday and headed out to do a few things and get them out of the way. I picked up a few supplies, chook seed etc, and went to the material shop to pick up some fabric that matches the mod cushions that I made a few months back. I have had the cushions on our bed recently as I didn't want them to go out in to the shed with the rest of the things from our under renovation spare/craft room, and I have been inspired to make a matching quilt for a change to our bedroom colouring.  After this I went and bought a few new items for the house that I have been looking at buying for quite some time - a new kettle as our other one was so noisy that we had to turn the tv up whenever the kettle was put on, a new 4 slice toaster as our 2 slice one takes too long when cooking meals for the family, and our old one has gone out to the caravan to replace the old and very delapidated one that we have had for about 20 odd years. I also bought a new food processor/blender, as my old one was broken, the blender no longer worked and the processor unit has bits missing from being dropped once or err....twice.....this new one has a glass blender jug which will be good for processing soups, as I will be able to put hot liquid in it, and the stick blender misses big chunks in the pumpkin soup etc, I had to return the kettle this morning and replace it with a different brand as it ended up being noisier than the one it replaced, even though it was meant to be quiet.  I helped Damian in the afternoon to clean out the mess in the spare room from plaster and dust etc, and he has now finished replacing all of the framing timber in there, and it is ready for my brother to come in and replaster for us.  I went to the markets this morning, and found a 4 foot diameter wagon wheel for Mum for $ absolute bargain, as she has been wanting one. Mum was coming down today, and she absolutely loved it. Mum also dropped off my singer sewing machine, and it is absolutely gorgeous. It looks really nice and much nicer in the flesh than in the photos. I picked up quite a few vege seedlings at the markets this morning, I was going to plant them this afternoon, but Mum didn't end up leaving until nearly 5.30, so I will do this tomorrow.  I didn't manage to get the bulk lot of strawberries I was after, but maybe next time there will be some more. We have a public holiday here tomorrow for the Ekka show holiday, so I am going to try and have a little sleep in, and finish off the silk wedding I haven't got to yet, and also get to the sewing that I haven't got to either.  Kasey has been unwell over the weekend, running a temp and having stomach pains and headaches, so I will have to keep an eye on that. Panadol and Nurofen are keeping the temp under control, so hopefully she will be feeling better soon. No school tomorrow will be a good thing as it will allow her more time to get well.  I have 2 free days in the diary tomorrow and Tuesday, so hopefully I will catch up on the wedding and the sewing I need to do....

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  1. Looks like you had a great weekend. Hope Casey gets better soon. Enjoy your couple of free days:0)