Thursday, August 19, 2010

My cute little machine appliqued owl....

I had embroidery club this mornng. We made these lovely little in the hoop machine appliqued owls. These can be made as stuffed toys, or as I have done here, as an applique to attach to clothing, bags or quilts. I was pleased with how it came up, and this is another new technique I have now learnt.

I have also embroidered some towels with the word "Baby" for Mum, as she wants them for the markets stalls she does. I have done  9 of them this afternoon. I was having some problems with them yesterday, as I was using the stabiliser that the lady gave me free with the sewing machine, but it is really poor quality stabiliser and was causing all sorts of problems with the machine jamming and threads catching etc, as the stabiliser was tearing. I bought some better quality stabiliser today, and also the proper stuff to go over the top of the towels while the design is being stitched out, and had no further problems today, and all of the towels stitched out nicely. I have some to do for a couple of friends who have recently had bubs, so I want to do those in the next couple of days and send them off.  I still have this bad cough, and my throat is very dry tonight, making me cough even more, so I really hope this starts to clear up soon, I have started having a couple of puffs of ventolin a few times a day, which seems to help for a little while with the coughing, and helps me sleep at night. I have caught up on the wedding paperwork this evening, and touched base with a couple of brides I needed to chat to. I have to go and pick up some silk flower supplies in the morning for next weeks wedding, as the bride wants silk halos for the flowergirl, and then will get stuck in to the paperwork.....maybe.....   :)

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  1. That owl is so cute, you are one clever women
    Hope you start to feel better soon