Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More expensive is not always the answer....

I am an avid believer in purchasing the best quality product you can afford, and to support Australian manufacturers as much as possible, to ensure quality, Australian jobs and to try and put off having to replace that item for as long as possible, to reduce our consumption. I purchased a few new items for the kitchen a couple of weeks ago, including a new stainless steel kettle. Our existing kettle was really loud, to the point of us having to turn up the tv as it couldn't be heard over the kettle! So I purchased a $90 kettle, which was a "quiet boil" kettle. The first afternoon after bringing it home, it was really quiet, but the next morning it was so loud it was just as bad as the one it replaced. So I took it back, and ended up going with a supposedly "better" kettle, that was $120, which they discounted down to $90 for me....$120 for a kettle....anyway....while it wasn't as loud as the first 2, it wasn't far from it, and I was to the point of taking it back and buying a white plastic kettle...anyway, on a trip to Aldi, I came across this stainless steel kettle, which is lined on the inside, for $14.99!  I figured for $15 that it wasn't a great loss, and I would return it if was no better.

Well, it has ended up being a wonderful kettle, it is lovely and quiet, and does not create any attention on to itself while boiling....ahh....bliss.  Just goes to show, that for some things, even though you try and purchase good quality that will last for a long time, it can work out better buying something not quite as expensive.  In my experience, kettles don't seem to have too much go wrong with them, they just seem to last a long time, so in this case, it seems to have worked out better, both for the noise and our pocket....  :)

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