Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A rainy sewing Tuesday.....

We have had a rainy day here today, so I did some sewing.  I finished off the MAKE sew along project. I am really happy with how it has come up:

It consists of a tote bag, a toiletries pouch, makeup roll, sunglasses case, bits n pieces case and a teeny tiny tote keyring.  I also finished sewing my ruler bag from the monthly sewing club project. It has come up really nicely as well:

Unfortunately, it has ended up being a tiny bit too short :(  It fits the ruler, but it's a tight fit, so I may make another one yet, or I may make a band around the bottom, not sure yet. I think I went a bit wide on the seam allowances..... I am quite behind on housework, and paperwork again though...so I will have to try and catch up, but it probably won't happen until early next week. I have also fallen behind on the washing again....it's a never ending story.....however, it always will be, housework and washing never ends, it starts to build up again as soon as it is all done, so no use stressing about it, it's not going anywhere.... I have the "back on the farm" block of the month class tomorrow, so I will be attaching more of the shapes to the fabric, and cutting out tomorrow. I am hoping to get that finished so I can start arranging the final 4 blocks ready for the free motion stitching, and then I can start putting it all together! I am hoping to start putting it all together at next months class with a bit of luck.  I also signed up for a gift of the month club for 2011 today, which goes over 10 months, and each month is a mystery project, so that will be fun to start on next year. The new vege seedlings I planted yesterday are loving this rain, I can see them standing up nice and tall drinking it all in....

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  1. Very nice - I can't sew at all..wish I could. I had a hat that I wanted to put a patch on for over a year until I finally lost the patch and gave up - I have never sewn a patch and have no confidence to try.

    oh yeah, I am a new follower from the final Follow Friday! http://cakeblast.com