Monday, August 23, 2010

Strawberries galore for Jams and Syrups

I caught up on my papework on Friday, well most of it anyway. Saturday we went out early and voted, got there at 8am and still ended up lining up for nearly half an hour, so glad we didn't go any later. I took Kasey to a little friends birthday party as well, and then didn't do too much for the rest of the day. Sunday I got up early and went up to the markets, and returned George the rooster back to the people I purchased him from. I was a bit sad doing this, but found out also that he wasn't actually a frizzle, but a silky cross, so I really did get the dud deal with what I was actually buying, even still, he was a lovely looking rooster. Unfortunately 2 roosters just isn't a workable situation...Sam is so much happier now that he is back to being the only rooster, he stood up on top of the hill yesterday and crowed and crowed and crowed, and was happy hanging around with his girls again rather than by himself up at the pen where George would leave him alone. George was a bit rough with the girls as well, so I think they are much happier with their gentle Sam.

I purchased a 10kg tray of 2nds strawberries for $5 while at the markets, and after I had cut them all up and gotten rid of the stalks and yukky bits, I ended up with just under 6 kilos of lovely strawberries for jam and syrup. I ended up with 8 x large 500g and larger jars of jam, which will do us for the next 12 months.  I would really like to get the strawberries here producing so I can use our own strawberries, rather than buying the unknown.

And I also made up just under 4 litres if strawberry syrup, to use for yoghurts etc.

I also made up another batch of skim youghurt, which once again set really well, and Toni had some this morning with the strawberry syrup and oats mixed through it. I also purchased a couple of new trees yesterday, a new fig tree and a gorgeous jasmine creeper to climb over an arbor at the entry to the vege garden, which will hopefully attract the bees to the vegies to do some pollenating for us. I also purchased a vanilla bean plant, which I need to find a nice shady spot for. I have a couple of spots in mind, but just need to check what type of soil etc they like to be in before I plant it. So all in all, a very busy weekend. I need to cut out some fabric today for a laptop case which I am starting on tomorrow, and a little bit more catching up and storing of last years paperwork etc in the office, as well as working on the silk halos and baskets for this weekends wedding, so all that will keep me out of trouble for the next few is just starting to rain here now, it's been overcast all morning, just the weather for working inside with the fire going...just have to relight it...we have another load of firewood coming in this afternoon apparently, Damian organised it, so I really hope he is home to help unload it..... :)

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