Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Now in Bundaberg..

Well, we have finally moved on from Mackay today. The ute wasn't ready until about 11 this morning, and by the time we said our goodbyes to friends, it was about 11.30. We stopped in Sarina for some lunch, with the plan to drive to Yeppoon.  We didn't realise how close Yeppoon was to Rockhampton, and we had planned to move on to Rocky tomorrow, but decided instead to go to Rocky and day trip it out to Yeppoon. We are planning on staying here until Friday morning, then going to Gladstone, then on to Bundaberg on Saturday, where we will catch up with friends for a BBQ and then probably home on Sunday.  It was a long drive, we didn't get to Rocky until nearly 5pm, and Kasey was pretty well stir crazy by the time we got here, but she was really good for the drive. Tonight I have done a load of washing and had dinner, everyone else has gone to bed, and I will probably head that way shortly. May head out to the wildlife sanctuary tomorrow, but not entirely sure. My phone seems to have most basic functions back now, so I am hoping to be able to start taking some photos tomorrow, we are having a really nice time so far, so I am sure whatever we decide to do, it will be relaxing and enjoyable....

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