Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My craft room is gone :(

I took over Michael's old room a few months back to use as my craft room, it is now currently pulled to bits. We had termites detected here about 6 months back, and we had them treated, but knew that we would have to pull the plasterboard off the wall in the spare room and around the cupboards in there as the termites had travelled along there. So yesterday, as we didn't have much for Michael to go and do work wise, we had him start on the demolition process. This is what we discovered, and how it now looks

This is the termite nest found in the wall where they came in to the house:

This is how the room now looks:

So, I will probably have to push a bit to get this done now, otherwise it will probably stay this way for the next 12 months!!  All of my craft things have been transferred in to the big shed, so I will have to cover it all to protect it from dust and rodents etc.

I also went and had my hair cut and coloured yesterday, the colour I am happy with, the cut I am not. I wanted about an inch cut off and the layers a bit shorter, I think she cut off about 4 inches! So I am basically back to almost short hair. So now I think I may have to go and get it cut again, if it's going to be short, then I would like it cut in a bit more of a modern style...I should have just gone to Jessica, but she is having some issues with the bub and is very tired so I didn't want to hassle her to cut my hair.

I have brought something very special today that I have been wanting for a while. I will post about this tomorrow, but it is just beautiful, vintage and in really good condition.  Mum found it for me yesterday, and I have snapped it up as it is in great condition.

Harvested today:
315 grams sweet potato
90 grams silverbeet
40 grams fancy lettuce leaves
130 grams eggs (2 eggs)

Not sure yet which of these I will use for dinner tonight, either the lettuce in some baked potatoes, or else the silverbeet, sweet potatoes and eggs in something else, haven't decided what though yet...will have to put some thought in for some inspiration. I have spent the last 2 days catching up on paperwork in the office, and catching up on the washing, the washing is done, the paperwork.....well....probably another couple of days yet. I also have to get on to finding a home for George the rooster, he has become boss cocky in the chook pen, and poor sam is relegated to a corner by himself all day and wanders around by himself when out....very sad....

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