Saturday, July 10, 2010

Making things, My first Capsicum and a mouse invasion....

Yesterday was quite busy. I managed to get through a long list of things to be done. I also made passionfruit jam

The recipe called for 5 cups sugar, which for the amount of fruit and pulp, seemed to be way too much for me, so I only used 4 cups sugar, which is plenty sweet enough. It is very yummy, I have never tried passionfruit jam before, so it is different to what I would normally have in jam, but I will definitely have on my toast etc.

I also made some Lemon  Spread

I thought that I would have filled this jar, it is a 500ml one, but probably should have used a 250ml jar instead, but no matter. This is delicious, and I am definitely going to use this to go in the centre of a sponge cake, and also for scones and I am thinking it would be very yummy on pancakes with icecream....not very diet friendly, but ahh well.... I also finished off the embroidered flowers which are going to be accenting the front of the elegant evening bag we are making

These are done by embroidering the design on to wash n go stabiliser, and then washing the stabiliser away to just leave the stitching, very nifty... I have also picked my very first capsicum ever grown in my vege garden, what an exciting milestone

I could have left it until it had gone completely red, but I quite like them this way, as I prefer the green capsicums over the fully red ones. I have never had the pleasure of eating a home grown capsicum before, and just feeling how firm it is over the supermarket ones is amazing, I thought the supermarket ones were fairly firm when fresh, but they don't have a patch on this home grown one..... I checked on the progress of my corn drying in my pantry yesterday, and it would appear we have had a little mouse visit and chew through the mesh bag, and it has eaten all of the drying kernels.....damn it, grrrr....I now have to take steps to eliminate the mouse/mice...they cause such damage and mess....luckily I changed most of the dry goods in the pantry into glass storage over the last few months, so there hasn't been too much else for the mice to get in to. So, I had better go and sort out dinner, probably chicken kiev tonight, and then I am going to do a bit on my back on the farm quilt tonight, and then off to the garden expo tomorrow....I am really looking forward to this, especially the giant kitchen garden, just the ticket for some inspiration....

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  1. I haven't had passionfruit jam for years. I often make lemon butter(spread) and my aunts used to make passionfruit butter it was real yummy too. Love the embroidered flowers!