Thursday, July 15, 2010

Craft, sports carnival and a little upcoming trip...

I have had a busy couple of days as usual. Yesterday was spent at sewing class for the block of the month class on my back on the farm quilt. I spent the whole day tracing out the designs to be appliqued on to the individual blocks.  Now have to cut all the little pieces out, attach them to the different fabrics and cut those out, and then glue and sew to the blocks, still a bit of work, but definitely getting there. Last night I finished off a pair of crocheted fingerless gloves that I started the night before. They are really quick to crochet up, and this is my first wearable crocheted item I have made, and I am quite proud of it. They are really warm as well.

Kasey had her very first school sports day today. It was really nice sitting down to watch all of the littlies trying their hardest.  Kasey ran a 50 metre race. She had fun..

I have been to a sewing class again tonight for the evening bag. Tonight we embroidered the front flap of the bag. I left my machine there to have a service while I am away, as I seem to be having some tension troubles, and I don't think it was serviced before I purchased it from the lady who sold it to me, so it isn't going to hurt it. I also need the needle threader replaced, as it has been broken since I bought the machine. The embroidery is coming up really nicely. I have a wedding to do tomorrow, and it is also Toni's year 12 formal, and I am picking Damian up from the airport as well, so a very busy day ahead.  I have started on the few things I could do for the wedding, so it shouldn't take me too long to finish it off tomorrow.Damian is flying in for Toni's formal, and we are going to fly back up to Mackay on Sunday with Kasey and spend a few days driving back down with our new caravan which he has left in accomodation at Mackay. I haven't stayed in our new caravan yet, so I am looking forward to setting that all up, as Damian is likely to have set it up with a man's touch, so I will probably relocate a few things....  :)  I am going to head in to the city tomorrow night and pick the girls up after their formal and drive them back home, so it is about an hour's drive in to the city, so it will be a late night by the time I get home....I am going to need a few days off I think....I am going to make Toni and her friend up a lovely wrist corsage each for them to wear, they have asked me for them and I am happy to make them for the girls, it is lovely that they wish to have some fresh flowers to set off their dresses. I will post some photos of their special day after the event.

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