Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Scrapping weekend and cushions

Well....what a busy time it has been the last week or so...the days are just blurring into one another. Last Thursday I spent all day running around and packing. Friday I prepped a wedding for Kirsty..her flowers ended up stunning..

I went to the scrapbooking retreat at Brookfield over the weekend with Ann. Did lots and lots of lovely pages:

This is Damian's mum as a little girl. I am doing an album for her 75th birthday next year, so started a few pages for her at the retreat. I got a few done, which makes me feel much better about getting it all done in plenty of time. These are the other pages I made:

Yesterday, I went to sewing class, and finished off 2 of the 3 cushions we are making. I absolutely love them, and I am going to put them on the white wicker set on our verandah. I just love the colours and the vibrancy. I am soooo proud of these, they look sooo professional.
I still have 1 more to do next Monday, which is about the size of a normal pillow. I want to make more of the round petal ones, but a bit smaller for the 2 chairs that go with this setting. I was supposed to go to a morning embroidery class this morning, but wasn't up to it, I am in need of a few quieter days at home. Have done heaps of washing today, and caught up on some wedding paperwork, and uploading some photos etc. I am definitely looking forward to a few quiet days at home this week, next week will busy up again, as I have 2 weddings at the end of the week.

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