Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bargain of the year!!!

This has got to be the bargain of the year!  When I took Toni to look at her car a couple of  months ago, we were taking it for a test drive with the owner of the car in the back seat. As I was driving around, I spotted on the side of the road a green tote trolley bag, in a kerbside cleanup. I pulled over and asked Toni to run back and pick it up for me. The look on her face was priceless...she looked at me and said "No Way!!!"  I got out and picked it up, and the handles were missing, I asked the young guy who owned to car to open the boot and he had to clear quite a few things out of the way to fit it in. It was sooo funny, Toni was so embarrassed. Anyway, this tote is worth about $180 to buy, as it is a purpose built scrapbooking trolley, and has lots of great pockets and the front section fans open to hold 12 x 12 papers and cardstock. I have had the handle repaired for $20, so that is all this has cost me. Damian picked it up for me a couple of days ago.  It is fabulous, so now I just need to fill it up!

Here is also a pic of the Midwest Mod Pillows. I finished the third one on Monday, so here is the complete set.

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