Thursday, July 21, 2011

What a day

Got up at 5.30 this morning to drive Michael to work, had to get Kasey up early and then have breakfast at Maccas while we waited for him to finish his job...then drove him home, just about cleaned up a car on the way home who pulled out straight in front of us, had to lock Damian's ute up to avoid it, they would have been way worse off than us, small car vs Landcruiser with a bullbar, not a good outcome there, then dropped Kasey off to school, only to have her having a meltdown because she forgot her show and tell because we left so early...then got home and had to pull out all of the furniture in Michael and Toni's room for the carpet layer, discovered after he left that he has gotten carpet glue on our new wardrobe sliding door tracks.... went to do some washing, Michael was using the machine, spent all day doing an embroidery for a friend who's sister just had a baby.....has taken me ALL day....the machine was not coping at all well doing small letters on fleece....was getting very close to throwing something...grrrr, not to mention the house was like a bomb had gone off with the contents of two bedrooms in the hallway, laundry and loungeroom, which makes me feel even more disorganised. It has also been a bit pointless trying to keep everything tidy at the moment with renovations, so my daily routines have not been happening, and all I seem to do is constantly pick up after everyone anyway, I tidy up and they mess up....Toni borrowed my lovely new black cowl that I purchased after I was wanting one for she has lost it! Just logged on to facebook on my laptop....was looking at strange faces until I realised I was logged in to Toni's laptop...her does that work when she has her own laptop??? Then cooking dinner while 2 other adults in the house wait for could help or heaven forbid actually cook a meal every now and then...  Honestly....sometimes it feels like I have just disappeared in to the background and no longer exist, I am not just Mum you know....I really, really need a holiday....and people wonder why I get stressed so "easily"..was there something in the air today?? Nothing seemed to just that off my chest now, sitting down with a Tia Maria for a nightcap....(or two) then off to bed, to put today behind me....

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  1. Deb I am feeling a lil the same way at the mo and it is really starting to irk me.