Friday, July 15, 2011

Tomorrow's wedding

I spent today doing some flowers for a wedding for tomorrow. These bouquets were fun to do, as they are a bit different to the norm. Red cymbidium orchids, tulips, roses and some textural elements.

Off to the city to deliver these tomorow, and then will start painting Kasey's room in the afternoon...hopefully anyway, depending on how I feel. We have the carpet layers coming on Thursday to do the kids bedrooms, so I would like to get Kasey's room done so her room can be carpeted as well, otherwise it will just be Michael  and Toni that get theirs done. We have some very gentle rain here at the moment, which is great for the gardens and they were all starting to get a bit thirsty. I still have to plant out my fruit trees that I bought at the garden show as well....too many things to do at the moment....

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  1. Hi Deb, I often pop in to have a look at what you are doing, but I don't think I've ever left a comment. I thought it was about time I did. So here 'tis. "I enjoy your blog, Deb!"